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“If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.”     
Stanley Kubrick

Dwarfed by both the Atlantic Ocean and Namib Desert, the unique town of Swakopmund is located in the midst of spectacles from the world of nature and also cultural and social diversity.

    Company Information
Fantom Film was founded in 2006 by Francois D. Theron. The Fantom Film team compliments and combines to provide a source of freelance experience in both local and international filming production. Fantom Film provides an inside edge to filming in Namibia, drawing from direct experience and invaluable local knowledge which in turn means we can offer cost and time effective services.

Namibia is the location destination for filmmakers. 

The landscapes of Namibia offer the full spectrum of various types of on location scenery and settings. International feature films such as Beyond Borders, Flight of the Phoenix and 10 000 BC demonstrate the versatility of Namibia’s landscape in fulfilling the creative vision of various filmmakers. Namibia holds unique and diverse location opportunities.

From the production perspective Namibia’s attractions for filmmakers from overseas include favorable exchange rate, a growing and stable economy, a developed infra-structure that supports all aspects of film making, e.g., support services, transportation routes, communications systems, excellent healthcare facilities, predictable climate conditions etc. 

Fantom Film has a photographic and film database which illustrates various locations and will also undertake specific recce scouting services. We provide a full service facility, from organizing location permits to following through liaising with local agencies/groups/individuals as required.

Fantom Film has established a network of experienced freelance crew.

Namibia’s cultural diversity provides casting directors a wide array of choice.

Fantom can provide all vehicle requirements including transport for crew and equipment, even over the most challenging of terrains where 4x4 skills are required.  Standard unit equipment and specialized gear can be sourced and supplied.

All major towns and cities can fulfill the spectrum of accommodation requirements from modest budget guesthouse/Bed and Breakfast style all the way through to first-class accommodation. In the rural wilderness regions there are a variety of options from tented camps to impeccable lodges, many located within close proximity to ideal filming locations.

Fantom Film has worked with various Namibian caterers who are experienced in working with the film industry. We can source full package on location services for crews of any size, based in even the most remote of locations.

The following services are offered by Fantom Film:
Pre-production staff and services
Production Offices
Work permits
Location / Film Permits
Location Scouting
Transportation Logistics
Contract-Freelance Crew
Hiring of vehicles, equipment, services and facilities
Vat-Tax Reconciliation / Vat-Tax Returns
Storage Facilities
Catalog of stock photography
Catalog of High Definition video
Location Rehabilitation
Post-production staff and services
Behind the scenes / Making of

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